Monday, 23 March 2015

Easy Lipstick Organization

I am a gemini to the core and that means I can be organized and messy at the same time (depends on my mood really!). Lately, I am finding it really difficult to find stuff around at home especially make-up. It could be because of me ageing (well, I m not so old) or not. Then I decided it is one of the side-effects of a happy marriage (Grinning right now). Anyway, I decided to get organized and start with organizing my lipsticks. Guess what was the first thing I did?

I hunted for my lipsticks and it took a full two hours and I ended up finding most of them (I don't know where the rest are!)

Warning: Please try this DIY when you are completely energized as the first step usually take some time :)

Idea 1

Things you will need

1. An empty Box 
I am using an empty diary milk box which is made of metal. You can use a good quality shoe box too.

2. Washitape/Spray Paint
This is to decorate the box and make it look good. You can go wild and use your imagination here.

3. Cardboard
You can use a cardboard sheet which is easily available in any stationery shop. Be sure to use the thin material one as it becomes difficult to create slots later. I used a thick paper shopping bag. You can recycle any old boxes lying around too.

4. Scissor/Blade, Ruler, Pen/Marker

Arrange your lipsticks in atleast one row horizontally and vertically to understand how many cardboard slots you need to be making. Also, measure the length, width and depth of the box using a ruler.

In the box that I was using, a total of 6 lipsticks fit in vertically and 8 horizontally so I could store a total of 48 lipsticks all together.

So you will need to make 5 slots vertically and 7 vertically. 

Cut out 5 pieces of cardboard with length equal to length (vertical) of the box, the  width should be a few centimeters less than depth of the box so that it can easily      fit in. Divide these 5 pieces into half along the length of the piece. Divide the cardboard into 8 equal portions along the length. Refer to the pic below for more clarity.

Cut out 7 pieces in the same way. The length should be equal to width (horizontal) of the box. The width should be equal to the depth you have taken for the above 5 pieces. Divide these 7 pieces into half along the length of the piece. Divide the cardboard into 6 equal portions along the length. 

You should have pieces similar to the one's shown in the picture. Cut along the markings until half the width of the cardboard.

Once  you cut all the pieces insert the pieces to make slots. First insert the corner 4 pieces as shown in the figure. This makes it easier to support the other pieces.

Once you insert all the pieces it will look like this. Don't worry about the shape as it will get sturdy when you place it in the box.

Once that is done you can either spray paint the box with the choice of your color or wrap around some washi tape.

This is how the finished box will look.

Idea 2

This a very simple idea and it will literally take 2 minutes and looks super gorgeous. All you need is an flat empty transparent box. I used a Ferero Rocher and just added all my lipsticks in there.

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  1. Voww the box looks super cute...I have the same Cadbury box...I'll try to be creative like you....:):)