Wednesday, 11 March 2015

TGIF - Forum Sujana Mall

I watched 'Whiplash' last week in PVR Theatres, Sujana Forum Mall. I really loved the movie and recommend everyone to watch it. I wish my experience prior to the movie was as good.

We booked a late evening show and wanted to quickly grab some dinner before the movie so we headed to TGIF which is on the same floor as PVR Cinemas. We stepped in around 6:50 pm and the match was still going on so everyone was geared to the TV Screens there. The ambiance was good and was similar to the TGIF in Cinemax, Banjara Hills.
Picture from Zomato

We were not very hungry so we ordered Fish Fingers and Spicy Chicken Pizza and Pineapple Sunshine. They took ~10 min to serve the drinks and ~20 min to serve food. The drink was flushed with a strong pineapple syrup and was too sweet.

I was not happy with both the dishes that we ordered too. The Fish was way too oily and was more like Fish Pakoda. It was literally fish coated besan fried in excess oil.

The pizza on the other hand was very average and it had coriander leaves as topping which kind of changed the flavor for me. The pizza was served with a dip which was just out of the refrigerator and was smelly.

We ultimately ended up wasting most of what we had ordered. I would give the entire place a 2.5/5 and will not visit again.

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