Sunday, 8 March 2015

What's new? Oh my hair color? :)

The story of my hair!!

I had thick jet black curly hair and maintaining it was always a struggle. It wouldn't really make a difference if I combed or did not comb my hair it always looked like I didn't comb my hair.

Millions of products later I found the secret to maintain my hair.

Well, it is quiet simple I do not comb my hair any more. I de-tangle my hair after washing it but that's the end to it. I use serum to manage the frizz. Thanks to my super awesome sister I got introduced to this product called Argan Oil Treatment by Sally Beauty. This product works wonders and a full size bottle lasts for 1-1.5 years (yeah, you read it right). Unfortunately, I haven't found any store that sells this brand in India.

Coming to the point, I was bored of carrying 2-3 everyday styles for years now and wanted to experiment with the way my hair looked so I decided to color my hair. This was something which I wanted to try since a long time and was part of my bucket list (yes, I do have an awesome bucket list:))

I headed to Ashton Pierra yesterday and selected the shade 5-86 from SoColor range by Matrix.

This place was recommended to me by my friend Reema last year and I can't thank her enough for introducing the hair specialist Sunil to me. This guy really understands what I want with my hair and I am never disappointed. Please visit his Facebook page (click here) if you would like to see more of his work.

I totally loved the color and the work. The shade is slightly lighter that what is seen in the pics. If you want to experiment with hair colors/cuts and if you are in Hyderabad then I would highly recommend you check this place out.

My hair had to be blow dried to check if the lengths were even on both sides. (Impossible with my curls and their tangles)

P.S - I am starting to love my straight hair too. But will the love for straight hair beat the love for my curls? I'm not sure too. Let's wait and see.


  1. Awesome Sush!!! First of all ..congrats on your new blog!! Welcome to the blogosphere!!
    I loved your hair makeover..When I first saw your pic in insta- it was a love at first sight!!!
    Yet- i loved ur curls too!! But yeah..a makeover is absolutely needed!! - I am planning to cut my hair short

    I would love to see a hair care routine post of yours :) <3

    Much Love!!

    1. Renji... Thank you so much :) Bloggers like you are truly adorable and an inspiration. I will do a hair care routine very soon and a few other posts. Please keep the feedback coming. Would love to hear from you.

      Tons of Love,

  2. Superb Blog Sushmaaa.. N d hair color looks great 😘 I'll definitely checkout this amazing hidden place (never been before)..😃 Keep Posting such great stuff 😊

  3. Sush!!!! Whoa! You mentioned me here. I'm glad we know Sunil. He is just awesome. You're an awesome blogger. Way to go Curly girlie. :*

  4. Sush!!!! Whoa! You mentioned me here. I'm glad we know Sunil. He is just awesome. You're an awesome blogger. Way to go Curly girlie. :*