Monday, 20 April 2015

CIBO House

We visited this place on  a lazy Sunday afternoon when we were in the mood of trying some refreshing food at a place we haven't been to before and I must say CIBO House didn't fail to disappoint us.

It is a very small place which doesn't have more than 10 tables, however the ambiance is perfect. We were scared that we wouldn't find a place to sit however, the manager was kind enough to accommodation us.  This place is famous for it's Italian buffet and the waiter straight away asked us if we wanted to have a veg/non-veg buffet. We wondered if there was no A'la Carte but settled in to try out the non-veg buffet.

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Usually, buffet leaves me really unsatisfied as I feel like I should taste everything on the spread but I usually don't end up even tasting half the spread and I have also observed that the quality of some of the food is compromised even in the finest restaurants. But for some reason we decided to go against the usual and opted for the buffet.

The soup and starters were served on the table along with unlimited Virgin Mojito which was refreshing considering the summer heat . 1 variety of starters made of prawn, fish, lamb and chicken along with Potato Cheese Poppers were served to us. I was bowled over the quality of the sea-food. The prawn was steam cooked in oregano and chillies and didn't smell even the slightest. The fish was soft and delicate was perfectly cooked too. After the round of starters we were served pasta of our choice made fresh. We were extremely content regarding the quality of the food and more so because we still had enough appetite to try the main course.

There was limited spread in the main course too with a 4 salads, Veg butter rice, Fish Gravy, Veg Lasagne, Sphagetti Noodles served and the desserts section included Panacotta and Tiramisu along with a little more spread. I was not very happy with the Lasagne as it had become very soggy and was not hot. Overall, this is the first place I was content having a buffet and I would definitely recommend that you try out this place.

Prawn Starter

Virgin Mojito

Sphagetti Dish - I suck remembering names :)

Veg Lasagne

The standard spice rack

Fresh bread served with homemade tomato dip
The dessert selection - Caramel Pudding, Tiramisu, Cheese Cake, Cherry Tart, Panacotta, Mango Syrup Something

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