Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Makeup Revolution London Anti Bacterial Serum and Face Primer Review

I recently became a fan of all the brand Makeup Revolution. They recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary and had great discounts to offer. Some of their eyeshadows and lipstick shades are almost similar to the high-end brands so we get to use high-quality makeup at an affordable price.

I recently purchased this amazing primer from Jabong (Buy here) and I am totally loving how it feels on my skin.

It is a white creamy textured primer and applying a small amount of product (1/2 pea size is enough to hydrate your entire face) before applying your foundation makes your skin smoother, the foundation is distributed evenly and you get a more natural looking feel.

You will visibly feel your skin to be healthy and glowing when you apply this and your skin breathes better. It is a great buy for the price as it will last you forever. If you are looking for a good primer then you should try this.

I have used it 6-7 times and I haven't been disappointed ever.


  1. wow...such a great product with an awesome packaging. I so wish we also had Makeup Revolution Stores in nearby malls. Their shipping charges are there if buying online. In Jabong. they are hilariously priced.

    1. I want to try ordering them online and see if there are any custom issues. I got this on discount from Jabong and it works well :)